Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Dens Park (Dundee)

For match day pictures at Dens Park see this post.

On Saturday 22nd March of this year Martijn and I headed for Dundee to see Dundee United take on Celtic at Tannadice. After the game we walked past Dens Park because I wanted to take a few pictures. One of the Dens Park gates was then opened and this gave me the chance to sneak in and take a few pictures. A few of the Celtic fans were thinking the same and these guys did not care about keeping a low profile so very soon Tayside police asked us politely but firmly to move on. Unfortunately I never had enough time to take pictures of all stands. Of course I have to come back here soon to see a Dundee game so I can tick off this ground properly.

After having left Tannadice I decided to walk towards Dens Park to take a few pics.

I could not believe my luck when I found out a gate was open on a Dundee United match day.

This is the only half decent picture I managed to take. The Celtic fan had nothing to do with me but his inability to keep a low profile meant this visit to Dens Park was a very short one.

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