Saturday, 13 March 2010

JD Wetherspoon

Along with visiting all 42 Scottish Football League grounds I have now also started a quest for the 48 JD Wetherspoon pubs in Scotland (this number does not include the various pubs at Scottish airports). On most of my football journeys I visit the local Wetherspoon's if there is one so I have decided to list them on this site as well since football grounds and pubs go hand in hand, or at least they do so in my book!

I know the Wetherspoon concept has its critics and some people probably prefer to visit a more authentic or typically local pub but I feel that the value for money offered by the Wetherspoon chain pubs is mostly excellent although I find the quality of the food served somewhat variable.

For an excellent list per UK region see this link. I have visited the following pubs so far (click on the name for a photo of the pub):


  1. Aberdeen: The Archibald Simpson
  2. Aberdeen: The Justice Mill
  3. Airdrie: The Robert Hamilton
  4. Arbroath: The Corn Exchange
  5. Ayr: The West Kirk
  6. Braehead: Lord of the Isles
  7. Dundee: The Capitol
  8. Dundee: The Counting House
  9. Edinburgh: The Alexander Graham Bell
  10. Edinburgh: The Playfair
  11. Edinburgh: The Standing Order
  12. Edinburgh (Corstorphine): The White Lady
  13. Edinburgh (Leith): The Foot of the Walk
  14. Edinburgh Airport (landside): The Turnhouse
  15. Elgin: The Muckle Cross
  16. Glasgow: Camperdown Place
  17. Glasgow: The Counting House
  18. Glasgow: The Crystal Palace
  19. Glasgow: The Edward Wylie
  20. Glasgow: The Hengler's Circus
  21. Glasgow: The Sir John Moore
  22. Glasgow: The Society Room
  23. Glasgow (Shawlands): Sir John Stirling Maxwell
  24. Glasgow Airport (airside): The Sanderling
  25. Glasgow Airport (landside): The Sandpiper
  26. Greenock: The James Watt
  27. Inverness: King's Highway
  28. Kilmarnock: Wheatsheaf Inn
  29. Kirkcaldy: The Robert Nairn
  30. Paisley: The Last Post
  31. Peterhead: The Cross Keys
  32. Saltcoats: The Salt Cot


  1. Blackpool: The Auctioneer
  2. Gatwick Airport (airside): The Flying Horse
  3. Gatwick Airport (airside): Lloyds No. 1 Bar
  4. Gatwick Airport (airside): The Red Lion
  5. Gatwick Airport (landside): The Beehive
  6. Gatwick Airport (landside): The Village Inn
  7. London (Whitehall): The Lord Moon of the Mall
  8. Newcastle: The Mile Castle
  9. Newcastle: The Union Rooms
  10. Nottingham: Lloyds No. 1 Bar
  11. Nottingham: The Company Inn
  12. Nottingham: The Joseph Else
  13. Nottingham: The Roebuck Inn
  14. Nottingham: The Trent Bridge Inn

1 comment:

  1. My fav would be the Glasgow The Crystal Palace, had so many good times there.

    Are u sill gutted after the shocking ref decisions on Sunday? Don't think Mr Webb will be having a wee weekend break in Amsterdam in the near future. s


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