Monday, 21 March 2011

Ravenscraig Stadium (Greenock Juniors v Thorniewood United)

On Saturday I saw my first game at Ravencraig Stadium in Greenock, a ground I have been passing by on my way to work for the last ten years but I had never seen it from inside. Ravenscraig is the home ground of both Greenock Juniors and Port Glasgow Juniors. It is also an athletics stadium with a running track and a large stand which seats about 650 spectators. Unlike Dam Park in Ayr, which I visited two weeks ago, this athletics venue is in a terrible state of disrepair. I just found out however that Ravenscraig is about to undergo a major refurbishment and Saturday's game was Greenock's last at the stadium for the time being. I am glad I was still able to take a few pictures of the 'old' Ravenscraig but the refurbishment, which is set to start this week, looked long overdue.

The game I saw on Saturday was an encounter in the Central District First Division, the third tier in the West Region set-up of the Scottish Juniors. Home team Greenock Juniors were playing Thorniewood United of Uddingston in Lanarkshire. It was a very entertaining six-goal thriller and it was a shame only about 50 people, many of them supporting Thorniewood, turned out to see it. I do not know what kind of numbers Port Glasgow Juniors usually attract in terms of home support, however looking at the distance between Ravenscraig and the town of Port Glasgow it cannot be much more than that either. Despite the small crowd there were still pies and Bovril (but no tea or coffee) on sale during the interval. After the game I headed to Branchton train station again, a ten-minute walk, for the 25-minute train journey back to Paisley.

Approaching Ravenscraig Stadium.

The stand seen from outside. It is in dire need of a bit of TLC...

The stand holds about 650.

Wooden benches in the stand.

The view from the stand. Small terraces can be seen on the other side. The high-rise building that dominates the Greenock skyline is Inverclyde Royal Hospital.

Lee Mitchell scores for Greenock: 1-0.

Thorniewood's Steven Mullen scores the equaliser: 1-1.

Thorniewood take the lead after Chris Queen's scores: 1-2.

After the interval Greenock's Thomas Docherty equalises again: 2-2.

Thorniewood go 3-2 up again thanks to a Chris Lafferty free-kick.

Greenock player manager Stevie Mooney was then sent off after picking up a second booking...

...however Greenock still manage to draw level. Ryan MacDonald scores 3-3.

Saturday 19th March 2011
West Region Central District First Division
Greenock Juniors 3 Thorniewood United 3
Greenock: Mitchell 20, Docherty 54, MacDonald 80.
Thorniewood: Mullen 22, Queen 32, Lafferty 56.
Att: 50 (est.)


  1. Att: 50 (est.)... You were not able to count till 50?

  2. People come in late, you don't know who has paid to get in and who's associated with any of the clubs and I don't want to look like a total lunatic counting every single head :-)

  3. Best een lelijk stadion, maar om een of andere reden doet die façade me wel iets. Waren er fans van Thorniewood of was dat niet te zien?

  4. Er waren relatief veel Thorniewood fans, ik schat de helft van de povere attendance van 50. Het stadion stamt uit 1958 en het lijkt of er sindsdien niets van onderhoud aan is gepleefd. Leuk als curiositeit maar niet gezellig om er iedere twee weken heen te gaan. Hoewel het een redelijke dag was was het er ook steenkoud omdat je zo hoog en helemaal open zit.

  5. Het ziet er ook heel koud uit. Trekken die normaal meer man, als Morton niet thuisspeelt?

  6. How much does it cost to get into Ravenscraig and can you purchase a programme ???

    1. I think I paid £4 last season. No programme was sold at the game I was at.

    2. Is Ravenscraig back open again after refurbishment ??


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